Thanks for visiting our website. We’ve established this website to give the residents of Morgan County, Indiana information on how to pay traffic tickets, learn about child support, protect themselves against scams and identity theft and much more.

Our office and the Morgan County Courthouse are now operating on regular office hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Admission to the courthouse is limited to defendants appearing for court, business with the Clerk’s Office and/or Child Support (Title IVD) at this time.

Most issues can be handled over the phone or through email. Our staff can be reached by calling 765-342-1050. If you would like to contact us via email, please see below for a list of staff email addresses. Contact info for the handling of traffic tickets is also listed below.

Steve Sonnega
Morgan Co. Prosecutor


Steve Sonnega / ssonnega@morgancounty.in.gov

Cassie Starnes / cstarnes@morgancounty.in.gov

Michelle Armstrong / Dom. Viol / marmstrong@morgancounty.in.gov

Lisa Kempf / Sup #3 /  lkempf@morgancounty.in.gov

Jim Martin / Sup #2 /  jmartin@morgancounty.in.gov

Matt Howerton / Juv – City – Town /mhowerton@morgancounty.in.gov

Trevor Johnson / Sup #1 / tjohnson@morgancounty.in.gov

Meghan Dial / Sup # 1 & 2 / mdial@morgancounty.in.gov

Marlene Tyler / Victim Advoc /  mtyler@morgancounty.in.gov

Brian Chambers / Investigator /  bchambers@morgancounty.in.gov

Jan Neace / Diversions & Deferrals / jneace@morgancounty.in.gov

Tina Broyer / Sec Sup 1 & 2 / tbroyer@morgancounty.in.gov

Jessica Lane / Sec Sup 3, City/Town / jbeaman@morgancounty.in.gov

Jodi Law / Sec Cir & Accts Pay / jlaw@morgancounty.in.gov

Traffic Ticket Information –

MOORESVILLE TOWN COURT TRAFFIC TICKETS – pratcliff@mooresville.in.gov or 317-831-1330

MARTINSVILLE CITY COURT TRAFFIC TICKETS – shymer@martinsville.in.gov or 765-342-1259

TRAFFIC TICKET DEFERRAL – APPLY ON LINE- Scroll up and click on (yellow) highlighted area at the top of this page.


EMAIL:  childsupportenforcement@morgancounty.in.gov                  (please include both parties names and active phone number where the case worker may reach you to verify your identity)

BY PHONE / Call 765-342-0086 and select the appropriate extension. (SEE BELOW)

Father’s Last Name Beginning with the Letters:

A – D  – dial 765-342-0086 enter extension 1006 for Tammi

E – I  – dial 765-342-0086 enter extension 1012 for Dawn

J – P & Y -Z  – dial 765-342-0086 enter extension 1011 for Stephanie

Q – X  – dial 765-342-0086 enter extension 1003 for Amy

Correspondence by Fax 765-342-1107 (Child Support)