Child Support

The Child Support Division of the Morgan County Prosecutor’s Office establishes, and enforces child support orders for custodians of minor children. It also establishes paternity for minor children whose parents are not married to each other at the time of the birth. The Child Support Office has no jurisdiction in matters of visitation and custody. A private attorney must be contacted to assist with those issues. The Morgan County Child Support Office has a caseload of over 3200 files

No specific information about a case is provided over the telephone.  All requests for information or service about a case must be made in writing.

Hours: Monday – Friday
8:00am – noon and 1:00 – 4:00pm
Location: Morgan County Court House
First floor
Mailing Address: Morgan County Prosecutor’s Office
Title IV-D Child Support Program
PO Box 1556
Martinsville, IN 46151
Phone Number: (765) 342-0086
Fax: (765) 342-1107
Indiana Kids Line: (800) 840-8757
Call the Indiana Kids Line for questions regarding child support payments

Requests for Information or Service

All requests about your case must be made in writing. If you like, you may use an Appointment/Enforcement  Request Form. It is available at our office, or you may download it by clicking this link.

You may mail or FAX your request to us, or you may drop it off at our office.  We will send a response to your home address within a timely manner.

To protect your privacy, you must provide proof of your identity when you submit a request for information or service. Please bring your State-issued photo ID when you visit our office, or include a photocopy of it when you send us your request.

Please be sure to keep your address updated. If you have moved recently, visit our web page on How to Change Your Address.

Be Advised: We will not discuss your child support case with anyone, other than your attorney, who contacts us on your behalf. This includes friends, relatives, spouses, fiancées, and employers. We also will not discuss your child support case with you, if you are a non custodial parent who is represented by an attorney. In that case, you must contact your attorney for assistance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Helpful Resources

Attorney/Client Disclaimer:

Our office represents ONLY the State of Indiana in ensuring the support of children. Our office does not represent participants in the Title IV-D Program. Deputy prosecutors do not form attorney/client relationships with participants in the Title IV-D Program.

Information you provide to our office may be disclosed to other people or agencies.