Modify Support

Child Support Modification

  • a court can modify your child support order, you must show that one of the following conditions is met:
    • There has been a substantial and continuing change of circumstances which renders the existing order unreasonable, or
    • The order has not been modified for at least one year and the amount of support which would be required now by the Indiana Child Support Guidelines is at least 20% higher or 20% lower than the amount of the existing order.
  • If you know the other parent’s income, you may use the Indiana Supreme Court’s Child Support Calculator to compute what child support should be in your case.
  • If you decide to seek a modification of the current court order, you may:
    • Contact an attorney of your choice to assist you in filing a petition to modify; or
    • File your own petition to modify support in the proper court; or Indiana Judiciary Website.
    • If you are a participant on the Title IV-D Program, submit a written request to our office or  complete an Appointment/Enforcment Request Form, which you may also pick up at our office or download by clicking this link.  Be sure to include all required information and documentation with your request.
  • If you submit your request to our office with all required information, we will:
    • Seek financial information from the other party;
    • Conduct an impartial review of what child support should be, using the parties’ present circumstances and the Indiana Child Support Guidelines.
    • If we believe an increase or decrease in child support is warranted, we will notify you of the finding.  You will be contacted by our office set up a time to come to our office and sign the petition to modify support we will then file the petition with the court and ask the Court to set a hearing.  You and the other party will receive a copy of our petition and be notified of the court date.