Victim Assistance

The mission of the Morgan County Victim Assistance Division is to effectively provide Morgan County Crime Victims with emotional support, case status information, information regarding Crime Compensation Fund along with referrals to other agencies, and to provide guidance throughout the criminal justice system.

Child Support Division

The Child Support Division (also known as Title IV-D) of the Morgan County Prosecutor’s Office provides services to establish paternity, establish a child support order, enforce a current child support order, or to modify an existing child support order.

Adult Protective Services

In 1985, the Indiana General Assembly passed a law establishing Adult Protective Service (APS) Units to protect endangered adults in Indiana and to provide protective services to these individuals. (Indiana Code 12-10-3)

Juvenile Division

Our juvenile division works in much the same way as the adult criminal division does, in that we review reports from numerous agencies to determine what if any charges should be filed against a juvenile.

Criminal Division

The criminal division of the Morgan County Prosecutor’s Office handles the prosecution of criminal offenses and traffic violations that occur in Morgan County.