Criminal Division


The criminal division of the Morgan County Prosecutor’s Office handles the prosecution of criminal offenses and traffic violations that occur in Morgan County. Our criminal division works closely with the Martinsville Police Department, Mooresville Police Department, Morgan County Sheriff’s Department, Morgantown Police Department, Paragon Police Department, Monrovia Police Department, Brooklyn Police Department and the Indiana State Police. The criminal division receives and reviews reports of violations of the Indiana Criminal Code from each of the aforementioned agencies to determine if charges will be filed.

Criminal Division Staff

Steve Sonnega, Prosecutor

Robert Cline, Chief Deputy

Harold Blake, Deputy Prosecutor
Secretary: Lynn Gray
Superior Court 1 and Adult Protective Services Cases

Lou Ransdell, Deputy Prosecutor
Secretary: Lynn Gray
Superior Court 2 Cases

Elizabeth Penn, Deputy Prosecutor
Secretary: Karen Love
Superior Court 3 and Child Sexual Assault Cases

Cassie Melady, Deputy Prosecutor
Secretary: Roxanne Seger
Circuit Court Cases

Karey Banfield, Deputy Prosecutor
Secretary: Roxanne Seger
Juvenile Court, Mooresville Town Court, Martinsville City Court & Child Sexual Assault Cases

Amanda Kester, Deputy Prosecutor
Domestic Violence Cases and Adult Sexual Assault Cases

Marlene Tyler Black, Victim Assistance Coordinator

Jim Thomas, Investigator

Jan Neace, Receptionist and Deferral/Diversion Coordinator