Death Investigation Team

In the field of investigations, homicide investigations are the yardstick by which the viability of law enforcement is measured.  This is due in large part to the severity of the crime.  Someone has taken a life and someone potentially may give up life for the taking of another’s.  With the technological and scientific advances in the past fifteen years, juries have required more of law enforcement to meet the threshold of proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  In that vein, law enforcement leaders of Morgan County in 1995 recognized the assets and limitations of their own individual department, and had the vision to continue their efforts to put forth the most professional homicide investigation possible for a jury in Morgan County to hear.  Therefore, the Morgan County Death Investigation Team was formed in 1995; comprised of detectives and technicians from Mooresville Police Department, Martinsville Police Department, Morgan County Sheriff’s Department, the Indiana State Police, and the Morgan County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.  Since the Teams conception, approximately ninety percent of the homicides in Morgan County have been solved.  Of that ninety percent, the cases that have gone to trial have resulted in convictions of all the defendants with the exception of one case that resulted in acquittal.

Therefore, the mission of the Death Investigation Team is to combine the best investigative minds and tools Morgan County Law Enforcement has to offer, to conduct a thorough and professional investigation for a jury to consider.