What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is any violent act or crime committed on or against a “family or household member.”  These acts may involve physical harm, threats of physical harm, sexual assault, or other crimes defined under Indiana law.


In Indiana, an individual is a “family or household member” of another person if the individual:

  1. is a current or former spouse of the other person;
  2. is dating or has dated the other person;
  3. is or was engaged in a sexual relationship with the other person;
  4. is related by blood or adoption to the other person;
  5. is or was related by marriage;
  6. has a biological or legal parent-child relationship; or
  7. has a child in common with the other person


Domestic violence crimes are broadly defined to include any crime committed by and against an intimate partner (boyfriend/girlfriend, spouses, ex-spouses, or individuals with a child in common).  The most typical crimes of domestic violence include:

  1. Domestic Battery
  2. Battery
  3. Strangulation
  4. Invasion of Privacy
  5. Intimidation
  6. Stalking/Harassment
  7. Confinement

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