Information for Sexual Assault Victims

Medical Care

As a survivor of a sexual assault, you may have many health concerns. Your local hospital emergency room can provide you with immediate medical attention. Do not bathe, douche, or change clothes before the exam.  This may destroy any evidence. If you were not examined at the emergency room, you may want to consider seeing your physician. It is important that you are treated for any physical injuries and that you have follow-up testing for sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and pregnancy. If you do not have a regular physician, the following offices may be able to assist you with medical attention:

  • Morgan County Health Department – (765) 342-6621
  • HIV Counseling, Testing & Care Management – (812) 855-7688
  • Morgan Hospital and Medical Center – (765) 342-8441
  • St. Francis Hospital –Mooresville – (317) 831-7010
  • Centerstone Mental Health Association – (800) 344-8802
    • Martinsville Office – (765) 342-0653
    • Mooresville Office  – (317) 834-8187

Emotional Healing

Recovery from the trauma of sexual assault can be a long, difficult, emotional journey. You are encouraged to seek professional help.  The level of violence varies from case to case, but the effects are similar for people who have been victimized by a sexual assault. Rape is the ultimate invasion of a person’s privacy. Sexual Assault affects the victim’s physical, psychological, social, spiritual, intellectual and economic well-being. The level of violence may vary, however the effects are similar for people who have been victimized by a sexual assault. Typical reactions are:

  • Embarrassment
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Denial
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Recovery takes time, but is greatly enhanced by support and knowledgeable counselors.  Sexual assault is a personal intrusion on your individual body and life. Find a support system that can help you. Many people find it very helpful to talk with a rape crisis counselor. Please consider the following agencies for more information on sexual assault: