Victim Assistance FAQs

  1. What can Victim Assistance do for me?
    Our Victim Assistance Division can make referrals, provide victims with support, referrals and guidance and most importantly keep you updated on the progress of your case as it is going through the court system.
  2. How do I get a protective order?
    Contact our Victim Assistance Division for the paperwork and forms. We can help determine if you qualify for a protective order. Indiana law specifies protective orders are to be used only for victims of domestic violence, stalking, sex offenses, or workplace violence situations.
  3. How much does a protective order cost?
    There is no fee for a protective order.
  4. If I get a protective order and want to drop it later, can I?
    The Court who issued the order must decide whether to allow the order to be dropped. You should contact the appropriate court and they will provide you with the necessary directions.
  5. Where can I get a protective order packet?
    You can pick up a packet at the Morgan Co. Clerk’s Office located inside the Courthouse at 10 E. Washington Street, Martinsville (on the square) or you can go to the Indiana Courts website.
  6. What is restitution?
    Restitution is something the court can order the defendant to pay to the victim for certain expenses related to the crime.
  7. What expenses can be reimbursed?
    The court may consider property damages, medical and hospital expenses, lost earnings and funeral, burial or cremation costs. Since the court decides whether or not to order restitution, if you have insurance coverage, you may want to submit your claim for any losses to your provider and then provide documentation on any uninsured expenses.
  8. Do I need documentation to obtain restitution, and if so what do I need?
    You should provide documentation, such as copies of receipts or an estimate of repairs, to obtain restitution.
  9. How do I request restitution?
    You should send your restitution information to our victim assistance coordinator as soon as possible. The information must be received prior to sentencing.
  10. What happens after restitution is ordered?
    Each case may be handled differently. If restitution is ordered you can ask the victim assistant coordinator when and how you will receive your restitution.
  11. I have medical bills resulting from a crime. How can I get help?
    Victim Assistance can help you apply for Violent Crimes Compensation if you qualify. This is a state fund to help victims of crime with medical or funeral expenses.
  12. If I am a victim in a criminal case how will I know when there are court dates?
    Our Victim Assistant Coordinator will keep you notified of court dates. It is important that you inform us of your desire to be notified and anytime you change your address or phone number.
  13. What is a victim impact statement?
    As an Indiana crime victim, you have a right to make an oral or written statement to the court prior to sentencing. The statement can allow you to convey how the crime has affected you emotionally, physically, and financially. You can also convey to the court what type of punishment you think is appropriate for the crime.
  14. When should I submit my victim impact statement?
    Any written statement must be received prior to the sentencing date. If you wish to be present at the hearing to make an oral statement, please contact our victim assistant coordinator so that the prosecutor assigned to your case is aware of your desire to make an oral statement.