Tips for Merchants

Helpful Hints for Merchants Accepting Checks for Payment

In order to prosecute check deception cases more effectively, which gives you a better chance at obtaining restitution for the unpaid check, try and do the following when accepting a check for payment:

  1. Never rely on a person’s word – obtain a valid identification from at least two sources at the time the check is accepted for payment such as:
    1. Photo I.D. or Driver’s license with date of birth;
    2. Obtain driver’s license number;
    3. Social Security number.
  2. Make sure the check is complete with date, including year, and signature;
  3. Never alter, add information to, or write on the check after it is returned to you by the bank; and
  4. Have the person who accepts the check for payment initial on the front of the check verifying they checked the identification (this helps if we need to have a witness).

Once the check is turned over to our office for prosecution, it may be a while before restitution is collected. We make every effort to obtain restitution for you but we cannot guarantee that we will get your money. Sometimes all we can get is a jail time for the check writer and a judgment on your behalf.